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How to Win EVEN MORE Blackjack Tournaments - Volume II



No question about it ... Ken Smith really knows blackjack tournament strategy!

Volume I of Ken's Blackjack tournament series is also available as an e-book in our online store.

Ken Smith's second e-book on tournament blackjack contains more of his winning strategies that have made him one of the best tournament blackjack players in the world. If you've watched any televised blackjack tournaments, or watched (or played against) Ken in a live tournament, you've seen his amazing tournament skills (including his stunning $50,000 first place finish in the premier episode of the Ultimate Blackjack Tournament on CBS.)

His new e-book contains more of Ken's tournament playing and betting strategies that were published in his columns in the Blackjack Insider Newsletter (BJI), plus several new strategies, not previously published in the BJI (all articles are now only available in this e-book). You will learn more tips and tricks that have made Ken the best and most feared tournament player.

How to Win Even More Blackjack Tournaments - Volume II contains five sections:

  • History of Blackjack Tournaments
  • Tournament Basics
  • Tournament Strategies
  • Advanced Strategies
  • Alternate Tournament Formats

Some of the topics covered in the book include:

  • Blackjack Tournaments 101 guide for beginners
  • How and where Ken first started playing tournaments
  • Tips on how to bet as the tournament round progresses
  • How to play against unskilled players
  • How to size up your opponents
  • "Bottom of the Ninth" final hand strategies (NEW)
  • Tips on "chip counting"
  • Importance of reading the tournament rules
  • When you should hit your stiff hand
  • Knowing how to "climb the ladder" for success
  • Aggressive double down strategies (NEW)
  • How to play the most dangerous tournament hand
  • Revisiting the "mythical 12 percent rule"
  • Strategies for accumulation and no limit tournaments
  • Learning from a double playoff disaster (NEW)

To read the first 16 pages of the professionally produced e-book, click below:

Sample pages and Table of Contents from
How To Win EVEN MORE Blackjack Tournaments - Volume II

Whether you are a tournament novice or an experienced player, Ken's latest collection of strategies will give you more powerful insights that can elevate your game to the next level.

    "Ken Smith is not only one of the world's best tournament players, he is also a great teacher of tournament strategy. I highly recommend his new e-book." Kevin Blackwood, author of "Playing Blackjack Like a Pro."

    "This is the best Blackjack Tournament primer EVAR! It's concise, easy to read and understand, and it will set the budding recreational blackjack tournament player far, far above the average competitor." Max Rubin, author of “Comp City “and host of the annual Blackjack Ball.

    “Ken Smith may be the best blackjack-tournament player in the world and he's elevated the standard of expert play as much as anyone since Stanford Wong. When he writes about strategy, I read it. You should too." Anthony Curtis, Publisher of Las Vegas Advisor and a World-Class Tournament Player.

    "My worst nightmare is to have Ken Smith on my table in a blackjack tournament. My second worst nightmare is to be playing against opponents who have read Ken's e-books."... Henry Tamburin, editor of Blackjack Insider newsletter.

    "I purchased and read both of Ken Smith's Blackjack Tournament e-Books. I played in two tournaments in Las Vegas, advanced in both, but wasn't able to cash-in. Then I entered another blackjack tournament in Atlantic City and won first place ($25K)! I followed the tournament strategies in your book. Knowledge is power ... thanks again."... one of thousands of happy and successful readers of the book.

How to Win Even More Blackjack Tournaments - Volume II is 131 pages with a full cross-referenced index. Once you place your order in our secure store, you can immediately download the e-book to your computer where you can read it, save it, or print a copy (either using your printer or at a local print store such as Kinko's). The e-book is only available in Adobe Acrobat format from our BJI store, and can be read with the free PDF viewer software, available by clicking here. Technical assistance is available for customers with questions (e-mail us at

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