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Memo Safe Balls!
Balls!   (v1.24)


A unique and challenging puzzle game with seven levels of difficulty and randomly generated boards. Pit your balls against the walls!

"Balls!" is a challenging puzzle that requires you to change the layout of walls within a playing field such that several balls traverse the board to the other side. You can test the board at any time and watch as the balls move their way through the playing field. With an infinite number of unique puzzles at seven levels of difficulty, Balls! is sure to keep you entertained!


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When you register "Balls!", you will receive a special registration code to enter into the program. You do not have to download a different version of the software.

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The shareware version of "Balls!" is fully functional, and completely free! Until you purchase a registration code, you will be reminded occasionally to register the program.


Over 30,000 satisfied users can't be wrong! Find out for yourself why finds "Balls!" to be an entertaining and addictive puzzle game. ZDNet gives "Balls!" 5 out of 5 stars:

    ""Balls! is an interesting game of strategy ... If you're looking for a challenge, check out Balls!"

Here are some more comments from users:

    "The ultimate time killer! Innovative and ingenious gameplay. Excellent variation on the maze theme." - P. Walker

    "Balls! is a fun little puzzle game. The game concept is simple. The user interface is clean and uncluttered. The individual puzzles scale from trivial to challenging. This game is a delightful diversion" - G. Bentz

    "Don't let my wife ever meet you... seems since I've become hooked I've been ignoring her somewhat!" - M. Brady

    "I really enjoy the game and play it often." - D. Buckser

    "Thank you for making Balls! I really fell in love with the game!" C. Boerma

    "I like your game, Balls!...Very interesting and challenging." D. Barnes

    "Just have to say that I love this game. This one is a very addictive game!" S. Broussard


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