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NOTE: The Blackjack Insider e-zine will be publishing it's last issue in December of 2017. New subscribers should be aware of this when they purchase a membership at this time. Paid members will continue to gain access to the remaining paid members-only articles, and all past members-only articles.

Note: The free 3 month Green Chip membership at is no longer part of this promotion, as of February 2017.

We've arranged some amazing sign-up bonuses and gifts with this new membership offer! When you purchase a new Blackjack Insider membership with this offer, you get over $100 of free products:

  • Free copies of You've Got Heat and You've Got Heat Vol. 2 e-books by Barfarkel. Fascinating true story of a card counter who starts his new career with a $2,000 bankroll and hits Las Vegas and Reno. Ride along on Barfarkel's learning curve in this honest, humorous and provocative account of one man's counting experiences as he tries to grow his bankroll while meeting and learning from other wise guys and advantage players along the way. Barfarkel leaves nothing out: the emotional highs and lows of his bankroll swings, the gourmet comped meals, the backoffs, and his encounters with the "professional" women of Nevada. Over 400 pages. Normally $30... yours free!
  • Free copy of Blackjack Mentor for Windows blackjack training software: Master blackjack strategy and maximize your win potential over the casino. Normally $15.00... yours free!
  • Free copy of Best of Blackjack Insider e-book: 40 articles by 15 of our best BJI authors, all collected into one easy-to-read Adode Acrobat PDF file. Download available immediately after purchase. Normally $14.95... yours free!

    NOTE: This offer not valid for Blackjack Insider renewals (new subscribers only). If you are a current or past subscriber and use this offer, you will receive a new user id and password active for one year from now and your old account will expire normally. This offer valid once per customer/e-mail address. The promotional items above may not be provided to existing or past users of the respective services.

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