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Best of Blackjack Insider, Collection #1



Best of Blackjack Insider e-Book, Collection #1

Blackjack Insider, the best online monthly magazine on blackjack and advantage gambling, has a block buster e-book available now. It features some of the best blackjack strategy advice that appeared in previous issues of the Blackjack Insider newsletter (40 articles written by 15 top-notch experts, over 130 pages). You'll get solid advice on basic strategy, card counting, Risk of Ruin (ROR), and comps. Some of the featured writers include: Fred Renzey, Dan Pronovost, Jean Scott, Bob Dancer, Frank Scoblete, Hal Marcus, Eliot Jacobson, Michael Shackleford, CC Rider, Captain John, Kenneth Smith, Richard McKelvey, and Henry Tamburin.

We've collected and organized our very best articles in the Best of Blackjack Insider series. In fact, the articles in the Best of BJI collection are now ONLY available in our e-book.

Best of BJI is only available as an electronic e-book, for viewing and reading on your computer. It is not available in print form. The e-book is available in Adobe Acrobat format, and can be read with the free PDF viewer software, available from:

What's in the "Best Of BJI" Collection?

  • Click here to see the full table of contents: Table of Contents
  • Click here to see an outline of each of the 7 main sections in the e-book: Best of BJI #1, outline

    Included below are single page PDF extracts from one article in each of the seven sections of the e-book. These pages will give you an idea of the caliber and quality of the works in this collection:

  • Sample article page: CONTINUOUS SHUFFLING MACHINE (CSM), By Michael Shackleford
  • Sample article page: WHO'S AFRAID OF THE BIG BAD CARD COUNTERS? By Frank Scoblete
  • Sample article page: SIMPLIFIED BASIC STRATEGY, By Dan Pronovost
  • Sample article page: COUNTER BASIC STRATEGY: INCREASE YOUR EDGE, By Hal Marcus
  • Sample article page: POSITION: A CRITICAL PART OF TOURNAMENT STRATEGY, By Kenneth Smith
  • Sample article page: VIDEO POKER VS BLACKJACK, By Bob Dancer
  • Sample article page: ONLINE BLACKJACK: MULTIPLYING YOUR EDGE, By Rob McGarvey

    After you complete your purchase, you will be provided with a link to download the e-book as a PDF file. Simply save this to your computer, and enjoy the e-book at your leisure! The e-book is formatted for easy viewing or printing.

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