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Blackjack Counter Database - Basic



This database includes additional multi-deck tables, single deck tables, and double deck tables covering all combinations of DAS, noDAS, h17 and s17 ( double after splits, dealer hits/stand on soft 17). This database is sure to have a table that covers your casino's particular rules. The extra tables are:

  • Multi3: D8, DAS, s17, DblAny
  • Multi4: D8, noDAS, s17, DblAny
  • Single3: D1, noDAS, h17, Dbl10-11
  • Single4: D1, noDAS, h17, DblAny
  • Single5: D1, DAS, h17, DblAny
  • Double1: noDAS, S17/h17
  • Double2: DAS, S17/h17

The documentation describes every action table in detail, plus detailed simulation reports from Blackjack Audit are included for each table.

NOTE: you must have a licensed (i.e. purchased) version of Blackjack Counter (for Windows, Palm OS, or Pocket PC), or a product bundle that includes Blackjack Counter, to use any of these databases. They can only be installed into a registered version of Blackjack Counter. For iPhone products, see the 'Add-ons' mode to purchase add-on databases directly as an In-App purchase.

For more information, please visit this product's web page.

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