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Stanford Wong's "HighLow" Count system, as published in "Professional Blackjack". For Blackjack Counter (Windows, Pocket PC, Palm OS). The HighLow count system is the easiest level-one true-count card counting system. The system is well studied and has good performance, especially in multi-deck games.

The database includes 18 index sets covering every permutation of single deck and multi-deck game with DAS, noDAS, h17 and s17 ( double after splits, dealer hits/stand on soft 17). As well as the complete index tables, reduced tables are included that correspond to the "Fabulous 18" index plays that can delivery up to 95% of the expectation of the full set. Even Surrender index tables are including, which fully support late surrender using the new secondary index feature in Blackjack Counter.

The documentation describes every table in detail, plus a single analysis table is included comparing the parameters, expectation, and bankroll for each index set.

As an added bonus, this set includes the extra action tables in the Basic database.

NOTE: you must have a licensed (i.e. purchased) version of Blackjack Counter (for Windows, Palm OS, or Pocket PC), or a product bundle that includes Blackjack Counter, to use this database. It can only be installed into a registered version of Blackjack Counter. For iPhone products, see the 'Add-ons' Mode in the software to purchase add-on databases directly as an In-App purchase.

For more information, please visit this product's web page.

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