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  • Blackjack Mentor for iPhone

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    Blackjack Mentor for iphone

    Blackjack Counter+Expert now available for iPhone!

    The ultimate Blackjack teaching tool! It's not a game: it's an easy and fun instructional program that will help you remember proper playing strategy at the casino tables.

    Blackjack Mentor is an instructional aide to help you become a better Blackjack player. If you want to win at Blackjack, you need to know the right action for each hand combination. Blackjack Mentor has six modes to make the process of learning the right plays fast, easy and fun. The software includes many useful features for players looking to master the right plays in blackjack:

    • Drill mode: Random blackjack hands are displayed, and you have to pick the correct action. The program remembers which ones you get right or wrong, and tends to pick the ones you are having the most problems with. The 'Mistake' dialogs have been carefully designed to give you the right information to help master the correct plays.
    • Table mode: View all of the basic strategy plays. The hands are broken up into hard hands from 8 to 16, soft hands from Ace-2 to Ace-9, and all pairs. You can select specific hands to be tested on, and view your error statistics from Drill mode.
    • Memorize mode: Displays an empty blackjack strategy table and let's you fill in the correct plays one cell at a time. If you get the action wrong, it tells you and marks the error.
    • Rules mode (NEW): Choose from a wide range of blackjack rules for DAS/noDAS, S17/H17, surrender, ENHC, number of decks, and double restrictions. A matching optimal basic strategy table is automatically selected for you. 144 built-in tables ready for you to use.
    • Action mode: Create or modify your own action table. Includes all of the OBS strategy tables for the Speed Count system.
    • Help mode: All the rules of blackjack, an introduction to card counting, and detailed documentation on the program, presented in a rich web browsing format. Everything you need to know to play perfect blackjack.

    Blackjack Mentor for iPhone runs on all Apple iPhone and iPod touch devices (OS 2.2 and higher).


    Over 500,000 satisfied users can't be wrong! Find out for yourself why users everywhere are using Blackjack Mentor to play like a pro. Increase your chances of winning at the blackjack tables! ZDNet gives Blackjack Mentor 5 out of 5 stars:

      "If you're serious about excelling in Blackjack, you'll want to check out Blackjack Mentor."

    Here are some more comments from users:

      "This is one of the BEST apps I have ever downloaded for my Palm. It's simple, clear interface, is easy to use, and allows you to focus on improving your game." - C. Trott

      "This affordable program is an excellent way to practice for the real thing. It keeps track of the mistakes you make and drills you on the more difficult plays." - D. Elfstrom

      "It works great and is exactly what I was searching for in a blackjack program. Well done!" - J. Celen

      "An excellent program! I really liked the explanation of the game, especially how to indicate your actions when playing at the table." - B. Russell

      "Blackjack Mentor has helped me greatly to learn correct basic strategy. Thanks for making such a great product." - P. Shellus

      "I used you program to study for about a week before my Vegas trip. I came home with about 1400 extra dollars!" - J. Stacy

      "Blackjack mentor is amazing... I took more than a few $$$ from the tables, and the winnings more than paid for my food drinks and fun over the course of the week!!!" - M. Fuller


    A built-in User's Guide comes with Blackjack Mentor for iPhone that provides an introduction to basic strategy and card counting, as well as documentation for every feature in the product. Although many outstanding books are available on basic strategy, you don't need them to start using Blackjack Mentor: everything is included with the software.

    More Details

    • New features in the iPhone version include: 144 action tables covering all common blackjack games and rules, automatic action table selection based on rules selection, Speed Count OBS action tables included, new improved user touch user interface.
    • Blackjack Counter and Blackjack Expert coming soon for iPhone (mid 2010).
    • The iPhone version is not available as a free shareware download.
    • Only available for purchase through the Apple App Store.
    • If you have already purchased a version our software for a different platform (Palm OS, Pocket PC, Windows), you still need to purchase the iPhone version. Each platform is requires a separate purchase.

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