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The Blackjack Life by Nathaniel Tilton


Note: This is a print book, not an e-book. This book is shipped to you from the US.

This book is written by Nathaniel Tilton, a regular guy with a regular job who read Bringing Down the House (MIT team story), and decided to do what the players in that book did. The book relates the story of Tilton's personal five-year journey through the inner world of card counting and his clandestine pursuit of beating the casinos. You'll read how Tilton mastered the skills of card counting, how he formed a small two-man blackjack team with a friend, and the virtually undetectable mix of camouflage techniques they used to stay under the casino radar. The book is part narrative and part "how to," and it shows it's possible for skilled players to profit from blackjack on a part-time basis even in today's blackjack environment (and to earn what many would consider a full-time living). If you are a blackjack aficionado, you will thoroughly enjoy reading this book.

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