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Slots Conquest by Frank Scoblete


Slot Conquest:
How to Beat the Slot Machines!

by Frank Scoblete

No one has to be a sucker at the slot machines any more. You'll learn new and radically different information if you are looking to get the best possible game at the slot machines.

  • Learn how to recognize machines that give you a real mathematical edge!
  • Learn how to properly play these advantage slot machines!
  • Learn how the RNG really works!
  • Learn the difference between payback percentage and hit frequency!
  • Learn which machines to play and which to avoid!
  • Learn why the mega-multi-line low-denomination machines can be deadly to your bankroll!
  • Learn why you "can't quit when you're ahead!"
  • Learn about the relationship between slots and sex!
  • Learn about proper money management and 401G accounts!
  • Learn about the great myths and mistakes of slot play!
  • Learn the truth about żun-etiquetteż at the slot machines!
  • Learn about slot scams that make suckers of slot players!

Plus: Weird and wacky true slot adventures.

Plus: Players' psychic slot experiences - are they real or ridiculous?

Slot Conquest: How to Beat the Slot Machines! by best selling author Frank Scoblete, is the most comprehensive book on slot machines ever written. You'll find totally new and important information that can radically transform your slot play. This is a must-read for all slot players interested in the finest strategies.

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